Welcome to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia!

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is a great privilege and honor for us to welcome you to the 19th Annual Congress of the Armenian Association of Urology to be held in Yerevan, September 22-23, 2017.

For 19 years, the Armenian Association of Urology has constantly organized its Annual Meetings, which are the largest professional urological forum in Armenia, as well as a platform to bring together all those from within Armenia and abroad, who are concerned with the development of our specialty. During the years left behind, we have welcomed dozens of world-renowned  urological surgeons and adjacent specialists from Europe and North America, many Courses of the European and Moscow Schools of Urology were organized at the Annual meetings, live surgeries, lab training have also become an indefeasible part to our Meetings. These Congresses have become the witness and incentive of the breath-taking evolution of Urological practice and science in our country during last 20 years. Thus, it is absolutely impossible to underestimate the importance of these forums, and the forthcoming one will be another proof for organizers’, participants’ and faculty’s utmost attention to its quality and significance.

The congress is organized by the Armenian Association of Urology (AAU) and it is dedicated to the memory of deceased Professor Ivan G. Aghajanyan, the Patriarch of Urology. The European Association of Urology has honored us by delegating its President, venerable Professor Christopher Chapple to give state-of-the-art lectures at both days of the Congress. A number renowned colleagues from USA, Georgia, Russia will also give lectures.

We are sure that most of our colleagues regularly participate at much larger events worldwide. However, for sure it is another unique pleasure to gather in a city with a millennium-long history – Yerevan. This city has a great tradition of taking care for its history and heritage, welcoming guests and making aliens fall in love with it. It is also the capital of the first Christian country and people in the world. We have to remember that Yerevan is the capital for the nation, which was the first to accept Christianity as a state religion.

As the Chairman of the Congress and on behalf of the Organizing Committee and local Urological community, I am thanking you for joining us I am pleased to host you and your accompanying persons in Yerevan.

Welcome to the heart of our country!


Aren Bablumyan


Chairman of the Ivan G. Aghajanyan Memorial Congress of the Armenian Association of Urology